Are Your Communications Healthy?

Screaming into a microphone

When we think about the term health, we generally think about our fitness or our well-being. Am I eating well? Am I exercising enough? Am I getting enough sleep?

Yet, when an organization is asked about the health of their overall communications, there’s generally a moment of silence followed by an uncomfortable stare that leads to a statement of “fine,” which sounds more like a question rather than a response.

Engaging Employees

Communications within the organization are the foundation for engaging and inspiring your employees, and creating cultures that foster inclusion, teamwork, and innovation.

While it’s safe to say you have a front-row seat to the discussions surrounding the organization, your employees are in the dark.

The overall health of your communications defines your level of transparency in keeping your employees informed and educated regarding upcoming change initiatives or shifts in the organizational structure.

A Healthy Approach

A strong communications strategy within an organization takes focus. It requires that you create thoughtful messaging that effectively updates your employees of the status of the business, your vision for the future, and your roadmap moving forward.

It also requires that the messaging motivates your employees and empowers them to be champions in leading change or driving the business growth forward.

“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
– George Bernard Shaw


A healthy communications strategy warrants a schedule that provides frequency and velocity in which to deliver your message.

With today’s technology is easy to blast out an impersonal email or update the company intranet with the overall status of the organization. However, face-to-face conversations offer your employees a more personal approach. It gives you and your employees a platform in which to have open and authentic conversations, address any fears as a result of the office rumor mill, and build a level of trust between you and them.

Town Hall meetings, small group discussions, and online forums provide avenues and channels to unlock the gateway to open conversations and ensure a sense of belonging for employees.

In The End

Whether you’re the CEO, a VP, or a team leader, a healthy communications strategy is the pathway to better relationships that create a sense of engagement and involvement, allowing employees to focus on bringing their best self to work to innovate and participate in the growth of the organization.

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