June 2020

Heat-shaped tree

Love Your Client

Traditionally, emotional intelligence is discussed in terms of leadership – leading with empathy, authenticity, understanding the needs of your direct reports. However, I believe emotional intelligence should be employed when building client relationships in an effort to engender long-term connections and stronger ties associated with our client’s needs. In the… Read More »Love Your Client

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

The Curse of Knowledge

I believe communication is the conduit that leads to influence, regardless of the medium. And I believe that corporate communications are the quiet contributors to an organization; the silent salespeople, the workhorses of the business that drive action, and the necessary informants that foster innovation. Far too often; however, dedicated… Read More »The Curse of Knowledge

Live your truth sign

Live Your Truth

When we have the courage to step outside of ourselves, we find a voice that has been hiding for so long waiting to sing…loudly. It speaks to us with encouragement and grace – something we’ve never heard before – and it speaks from the depths of our being to remind… Read More »Live Your Truth