Rhonda Salvestrini Book Writing Consultant

And The Story BEGINS...

Writing your book is a challenging endeavor. While you’re focused on creating a story that speaks to your audience, your simultaneously fighting the frustrations of a blank screen that’s giving you the finger.

That’s where I come in.

My work as a book writing consultant has given me the privilege to be on both sides of the page.

With more than 25 years of professional writing experience, I am anything but your typical writing consultant.

From writing non-fiction books for new and aspiring authors; TEDx Talks for speakers that brought the audience to their feet, corporate communications and keynotes speeches for CEOs and senior leaders; I’ve been involved along different journeys with amazing authors across industries and platforms.

I am a featured writer in various magazines. I’ve been a guest on numerous podcasts as well as a speaker on multiple summits and panels. 

My passion for helping people tell their stories while guiding them along their writing journey runs deeps. I’ve taught non-fiction writers how to find their voice; helped coaches engage and connect with their audience authentically, and consultants elevate their brand with writing. 

I can help you too!

How I'm Different

Writing is emotional, personal, and gratifying.

It creates angst when trying to write a story and offers joy once the story is complete. It can be a solitary journey that is both fulfilling and discouraging.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be.

I am your partner in book-writing crime. I believe in building relationships and taking a human approach to my work.

It’s my mission to help you feel energized and excited about the book-writing process; to find confidence in your voice as an authority, to eliminate the frustration and overwhelm that writing creates, and to have the audacity to transform your words and ideas into a beautifully written book that your audience NEEDS to read.

Rhonda Salvestrini Book Writing Consultant

Personalized Approach

Building relationships and taking a human approach to my work

Deeply Committed

Unique and fresh style specific to your frustrations and overwhelm

Extensive Experience

Helping you transform your ideas and words into a beautifully written story