And The Story Begins...

I believe the best writing happens when you have nothing to lose – when you’re in the zone and writing bravely and fearlessly.

Writing is challenging, overwhelming, and riddled with self-doubt. While you’re focused on creating a story that speaks to your audience; you’re continually fighting the frustrations that take over when you sit down in front of a blank page.

That’s where I come in.

I love helping entrepreneurs and nonfiction writers see the clarity through the chaos, overcome frustration, and push through the head garbage that continually creates self-doubt to find their voice.

It’s my mission is to help you feel energized and excited about the writing process; to find confidence in your voice as an authority in your industry, be inspired to write bravely and fearlessly, and connect with your audience through authenticity.

As a professional writer for more than 25 years, I’ve helped entrepreneurs transform their messy, disparate, and awkward content into beautifully written stories that inspire audiences and motivate them to take action.

My work has helped aspiring authors bring their stories to life, long-time authors find their voice, and TEDx speakers bring the audience to its feet.

I can help you too!

How I'm Different

Writing is emotional, personal, and gratifying.

It creates angst when trying to write a story and offers joy when the story is complete. It’s a solitary journey that can be fulfilling and discouraging all at the same time.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be.

I believe in building relationships and taking a human approach to my work.

Through my love of words and my passion for helping others tell their story, I’ll help you work through your stuck and get you back on track to writing success.

I’ll help you transform your vision into a beautifully written story that resonates with your audience authentically.

Personalized Approach

Building relationships and taking a human approach to my work

Deeply Committed

Unique and fresh style specific to your struggles & frustrations

Extensive Experience

Helping you transform your vision into a beautifully written story