Leverage Your BOOK into a TED TALK

As a published author, you are a TED Talk’s DREAM!

You are an EXPERT with IMPACTFUL ideas and stories that translate into language perfect for the STAGE.

TED provides a platform for you to dive into an experiential topic that challenges your audiences’ perspectives, expands their minds, and EDUCATES, ENGAGES, and ENTERTAINS.

You have something to say to the WORLD!

Let's Talk TED

Imagine yourself on a stage – INSPIRING, MOTIVATING, and CAPTIVATING your audience with your story, touching their hearts and sharing your very BEST ideas.

Your TED Talk further cements your AUTHORITY in your industry and gives you CREDIBILITY as a leader in your field.

Your TED Talk gives you the platform to reach your audience on a GLOBAL level, creating IMPACT and making a DIFFERENCE.

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Make an IMPACT

Your book is a MAGNET!

It attracts people to you and allows them to experience your expertise – it opens your world up to new opportunities.

Your BOOK will help you reach the TED STAGE.

It’s where you can reach the HEARTS of your audience and make a POSITIVE difference in their lives with your KNOWLEDGE.