Who Needs a Writing COACH?

Any nonfiction writer who is stuck in the overwhelm, who has lost track of their story, who needs to find clarity through the chaos, and who needs to put the excitement back into their writing!

Overwhelmed writer in need of a writing coach

I can help!

Writing is a journey.

Yes, there’s a process to writing; mechanics, rules and genres, and there are also emotional BLOCKS, self-doubt, and FEARS to overcome.

While it’s your job to guide your reader through your story, it’s my job to guide you from where you are now, FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED, to where you want to be, CONFIDENT and HAPPY with a finished story.

Navigating that road alone can be difficult.

Let me guide you.

The best writing happens when you have nothing to lose – when you’re in the zone, and writing bravely and fearlessly. 

As your writing coach, I’ll help you overcome your overwhelm. I’ll guide you through the stuck, your self-doubt, and frustrations. I’ll provide honest feedback on your writing and give you a clear path for you to move forward toward completion.

In the end, you’ll be writing with absolute and complete CONFIDENCE!

You’ll successfully finish your story with an amazing sense of accomplishment.

You’ve waited long enough to share your story with the world. Let’s work together and get it done!

Below are three ways we can work together.

Nonfiction writing

Brainstorming Session / $450

What You’ll Get:

Up to 90-Minute Call

Whether you’ve started your book, or only have an idea, we’ll have an energizing call where we’ll brainstorm about your story and discuss the frustrations you’re experiencing.

Up to 5 Pages

I’ll review up to 5 double-spaced pages of your material before our call.
Send me your writing samples or any background information you have prior to our call, and we’ll dedicate time focusing on your ideas and questions you have for moving forward effectively.
(Editing of your pages is not included in this package and all feedback is presented during our call.)

In the End

After our call, you'll have a new perspective on your project, with tools to navigate the chaos of your writing and a shift from feeling overwhelmed to calm and inspired. You’ll feel excited to write again!

Month-Long, One-on-One Coaching / $1997

What You’ll Get:

Four 30-Minute Calls

Through customized and personalized one-on-one coaching, we'll have four engaging, 30-minute calls where we'll discuss your project in depth; where you're having problems, where you’re feeling stuck, or simply, where to start.

Seeing the clarity through the chaos, we'll discuss your project; what's working, what's not, and how to move forward successfully. I’ll offer editorial guidance and project management where necessary to get you over your hurdles and onto the right side of finished.

In the End

After our month together, you'll have a new outlook on your writing, tools to overcome your stuck and overwhelm, and a path moving forward successfully with your writing. You'll feel a sense of relief and newfound confidence in your writing. You’ll move forward writing bravely and fearlessly in a voice that is authentically you!

15-Minute Discovery Call

Let's discuss your project and how I might be able to help you!