Writing Coach

Overcome the Overwhelm!

Specifically designed for any nonfiction writer who is stuck in the overwhelm, who has lost track of their story, who needs to find clarity through the chaos, and who needs to put the excitement back into their writing!

I’ll help you get unstuck from your stuck to write your story fearlessly, find confidence in your voice as an authority, and connect with your audience through authenticity.

Brainstorming Session

Let's discuss your story and overcome your frustrations!

  • Up to 90-Minute Zoom Call
  • 5-page Review
  • Fresh Perspective

VIP Writing Coaching

Helping you break through your stuck to write fearlessly!

  • Customized Coaching Sessions
  • Content Review
  • Newfound Confidence

Developmental Editing

The best time to bring in a developmental editor is when you’re ready to take your nonfiction from good to great.

Developmental editing helps bring a new perspective into your story; it focuses on structure, organization, clarity, logic, and effectiveness to engage your audience, providing honest feedback to improve the writing for completion.

In the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the flow of your story as well as the improvements that will take your content from good to great!

Developmental Editing

Take your story from good to GREAT!

  • Quick Edit - Up to 100 pages
  • Full Manuscript Review
  • Honest Feedback
  • Steps to Improvement

Ghostwriter & Collaborator

Your story written in your voice - only better!

  • Your Words Brought to Life
  • Authentically Reflecting You
  • Personalized Collaboration
  • Completed Manuscript