Blogging For Your Business Workshop

Every business needs great content – including yours!

Blogging for your business is the secret to gaining authority in your industry, building authentic connections with your audience and being known as an EXPERT influencer. 


Let's Write!

Reach your audience organically with content.

What used to be considered something done for fun is now an essential part of any business.

Blog writing is the art of conversation in a different medium. It’s how you share your expertise with your audience to answer their questions and solve their pain in your own unique voice; it’s what sets you apart and helps you create loyal fans along the way.

The simple thought of writing content for your business can feel paralyzing. From knowing what to write about to understanding the mechanics of blogging, it can all feel INTIMIDATING and OVERWHELMING! 

It doesn’t have to be that HARD. 

Stop Struggling!

The best writing happens when you have nothing to lose – when you’re in the zone, and writing bravely and fearlessly. 

The Blogging For Your Business 5-week LIVE workshop will teach you how to write content thoughtfully and purposefully while satisfying your reader’s intent and resolving their pain points. It provides tools to overcome the overwhelm that writing creates, and goes deep into the mechanics behind keyword optimization, blog formats, linking, and repurposing.

This workshop will teach you how to write content in your unique voice that resonates with your audience, educates them effectively, and demonstrates your authority in your industry.

In the end, you’ll have the INSPIRATION and the MOTIVATION to write consistently with the tools to publish your content across different platforms to meet your readers where they read, along with the practices of repurposing your content across mediums to grow your audience and reach.

You’ll be excited to write!

Blogging for Your Business: 5-Week LIVE Workshop / $1295

What You’ll Get:

45-Minute LIVE Weekly Instruction

Each week, we'll meet via Zoom to learn about the different aspects of blog writing for your business:

  • Purposeful Writing - Overcome Your Stuck & Feel Excited to Write
  • The Mechanics of Blog Writing & Audience Intent
  • Write Your Content & Publishing Your Blog Post

  • We'll have a lively Q&A at the end of each class along with action steps to use throughout the week.

    Private Facebook Group

    You'll have access to a private Facebook Group where we can collaborate & support each other, and share our stories along the way.

    Each week, I'll be live for 30-minutes to answer your questions and guide you through your journey.
    (Editing of your content is not included.)

    In the End

    After our time together, you'll have a new perspective on your writing! You'll have the tools you need to write consistently, meeting your audience where they read, and publishing your blogs across multiple platforms, converting strangers into life-long fans, and repurposing your content across mediums.

    You’ll feel excited to write bravely and fearlessly!

    Week 1: Purposeful Writing - Overcome Your Stuck & Feel Excited to Write

    What You’ll Get:

    45-Minute LIVE Instruction

    Imagine if you didn’t feel intimidated to write your story or struggle to get your words on a page.

    Imagine if you were filled with ideas and couldn’t wait to get them out on the page. We all know how challenging writing can be; it’s overwhelming, it comes with blocks and self-doubt.

    During our first week together, we’ll discuss the emotional factors of writing, the struggles behind getting your words out on a page, the mindset required to eliminate the head trash that keeps you stuck, and how to find your voice as an authority to confidently speak to your readers and resolve their pains.

    Key Topics

  • Emotional Factors That Keep You Stuck & The Confident Writer’s Mindset
  • Purposeful Writing that Educates, Inspires, Informs, and Connects with Your Audience
  • Brainstorming Topic Ideas that Answer Your Audience’s Questions to Resolve Their Pain
  • The Power of Your Voice As An Authority

  • In the End

    In the end, you’ll feel excited to write your stories and connect with your audience; empowered to overcome the overwhelm of writing, and confident in your authority to communicate in your own unique voice that is authentically you!

    You’ll feel excited to write bravely and fearlessly!


  • 12 Topic Ideas
  • Outline of First Draft

  • See you in the Private Facebook Group!

    Weeks 2 & 3: The Mechanics of Blog Writing & Audience Intent

    What You’ll Get:

    45-Minute LIVE Instruction

    Google SEO, keyword optimization, headline creation, blog formats, links; trying to understand it all is enough to make your head spin!

    Besides simply writing your content and publishing it out into the world, you have to understand the mechanics behind the creation to ensure your audience and Google sees you.

    During weeks 2 & 3, you’ll learn the mechanics of blog writing, including keyword optimization, headline creation, blog format, headlines, the use of tags and images, and your intent vs. your audience's intent. Knowing the mechanics and implementing the format requirements will help ensure you’re seen by your audience in search results and as an authority by Google.

    Key Topics

  • Audience Intent & Building Trust with Your Reader
  • Identifying Reader Pain Points & Questions
  • Google Search, Headline Creation & Keyword Search & Optimization
  • Blog Structure & Format for Enhanced Visibility

  • In the End

    In the end, you’ll have the tools you need to find keywords for your posts along with practices for creating engaging headlines, and the knowledge to structure and format your posts to claim your authority within the eyes of Google, increasing your visibility in search results!

    Weekly Worksheet

  • Keyword & Headline List
  • Write First Draft of Blog

  • See you in the Private Facebook Group!

    Weeks 4 & 5: Write Your Content & Publish Your Blog

    What You’ll Get:

    45-Minute LIVE Instruction

    Let's WRITE!

    Publishing your content out into the world is one of the most JOYFUL & GRATIFYING feelings.

    You feel accomplished with your journey, excited to share your knowledge, and invigorated to write more!

    During weeks 4 & 5, you’ll compile everything you've learned throughout the workshop into a final version of your content. We’ll develop a Content Calendar so you can schedule posts automatically across platforms, and we’ll detail different ways to repurpose your content across mediums, including transforming your blog into a video post, pulling out quotes for Facebook posts, and publishing outside of your immediate circle, including on sites like Medium.

    Your audience is going to so excited to learn from you!

    Key Topics

  • Content Calendar & Writing Consistently
  • Call to Action & Bio
  • Publishing & Repurposing

  • In the End

    In the end, you’ll have a finished blog post along with all of the tools necessary to keep you excited about writing for your audience. You'll have practices to implement for writing consistently along with the tools to make the process fun and easy for you!

    Weekly Worksheet

  • Final Blog Post

  • See you in the Private Facebook Group!