What is Developmental Editing?

Developmental editing helps bring a new perspective into your story; it brings clarity to specific goals and objectives intended to improve the quality of your story and its writing.

Developmental Editor where to start

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We’re all too close to our own work to really know when it’s finished.

Nonfiction writing encompasses everything from a memoir to a business book, or a journal article.

Developmental editing nonfiction focuses on structure, organization, clarity, logic, and effectiveness to engage your audience, providing honest feedback to improve the writing for completion.

Let's get your story on track!

The best time to bring in a developmental editor is when you’re ready to take your nonfiction from good to GREAT.

You want to make sure that what’s in your head clearly translated through your fingers and onto the page, but you aren’t quite sure if it did.

You have questions: Is my story on track? Does my story stay consistent from beginning to end?

I’ll review your story and dig into the important elements: the foundation, the voice, tone, and the overall flow.

 I’ll provide comprehensive margin notes on all of the major components to guide you through the revisions.

In the end, you’ll have a better understanding of the flow of your story as well as the improvements that will take your story from good to GREAT!

Manuscript editor - get your story on track

Manuscript Quick Edit - Up to 100 pages


With a large page sample of your manuscript, I’ll dig into the important elements of your story: the foundation of it, the voice, tone, and flow. These elements are crucial to your story to ensure you’re keeping your audience engaged from beginning to end.

Margin Notes

I’ll provide comprehensive margin notes with thorough insights into your story, giving you a new perspective into what’s working, what’s not, and a path to fixing it.

In the End

After this quick edit, you’ll have a strong sense of how to revise your story. You’ll understand whether you’re falling into the traps of a flat middle or losing track of the narrative. I’ll provide you with actionable steps and writing ideas that will give you the momentum to enhance the rest of your project for successful completion.

Full Manuscript Developmental Edit - 50,000 words

Clarity Through the Chaos

I’ll give your manuscript a long and deep read, zeroing in on the structure of the story overall, the flow of information, and the natural transitions to ensure they make sense to the reader. I’ll provide comprehensive margin notes on all of the major components, including voice, tone, theme, and structure, and provide suggestions to you on each page.

One 60-minute Call

After you receive my feedback, we’ll have one, energetic 60-minute call where you can ask me questions about my suggestions and we can go through the changes together. This will bring you a sense of clarity and a deeper understanding into why I made the changes.


This package includes TWO email exchanges with me as you implement the feedback you receive.

In the End

You’ll have a better understanding of the flow of your manuscript as well as the improvements that will take your book from good to great. This is a comprehensive service that guides you through your revision.